Oil Pipelines vs Unemployment lines

This morning I heard a lively discussion of the Keystone oil pipeline issue.  As usual there were true believers from both sides and the ideological debate raged for 5 minutes.  But some of the comments just struck me as odd.

The pipeline would not create as many jobs as a the Social Security withholding cut (I refuse to call it a payroll tax cut, it isn’t)  this is a fallacy posited by the President and he made sure to get that out there in a speech and press conference on December 8.  Here is what the Deceiver in chief said in reference to a question from Kristen Walker, he said:

I know the suggestion right now is, is that somehow, well, this Keystone issue will create jobs.  That’s being determined by the State Department right now, and there is a process.  But here’s what I know:  However many jobs might be generated by a Keystone pipeline, they’re going to be a lot fewer than the jobs that are created by extending the payroll tax cut and extending unemployment insurance.

Let me get this right.  Actual jobs will create fewer jobs than a fake tax cut and unemployment?  Unemployment by definition is the lack of a job.  And even though the State Department is evaluating Barack knows it will not produce as many jobs as paying people not to work!

Now, to be sure, much the oil in the pipeline is from Canada.  It will traverse the center of the country and end in Texas.  Oddly while I was watching the discussion on the dreaded FoxNews one of the liberal guys threw out there that Valero would be refining oil. Implying that it was not an US company.  Valero is based in San Antonio and refines oil in 12 US refineries and the Caribbean.

So what are they saying about jobs and the pipeline?

This from the Houston Chronicle on-line edition:

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a $7 billion private-funded pipeline that will carry more than 800,000 barrels of crude oil daily from western Canada to American refineries in Texas and elsewhere. The pipeline will create 20,000 construction jobs and about 118,000 related jobs, resulting in more than $20 billion in additional private sector spending and as much as $5 billion in new local, state and federal tax revenues.

In Texas, the pipeline would boost our state economy by an estimated $1.9 billion. For Texas’ 26 oil refineries – which account for one-fourth of total U.S. oil refining capacity – the pipeline would result in 700,000 additional barrels of oil refined per day.

Sounds like a boon for the American people.  Lots of refined oil and done in US refineries.  That too would lead to more US jobs.  Yet, Barack Hussein Obama will stand tall and say he is against it and oddly there are people who believe he is right.  At this point I was going to go to Media Matters for America for some substantive corroboration of the assertion that killing the Social Security system and paying unemployment for life would create more jobs.   After all when you google the pipeline MMA comes up with some real killer headlines.  Like this

Not unexpectedly these headlines have no real substance other than a video clip of the accused from Fox talking about a plan to create REAL jobs.  Nowhere on that sad pathetic site is there any argument of a documentary or substantial nature to refute what is being mocked. BTW folks this is a tax exempt organization.  Can you say travesty!

I would rather put 20,000 people to work bringing more oil and jobs to America than put 20,000 people on the dole by force of Government.  And if we fail to start this pipeline like Barack Obama wants we are keeping that many people and more on the sidelines.

Give me a pipeline any day.



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4 responses to “Oil Pipelines vs Unemployment lines

  1. mikeh

    Liars, being controlled by lying influences, will do what comes naturally : Lie.
    Media Stinkpot for America will put forward any form of lie to promote their sick lib point-of-view re: unemployment check + more jobs than building brand new pipeline…rrrright.

  2. Worth the price of admission” “Not unexpectedly these headlines have no real substance…”

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