Ted Lieu: Out of Control

A corporate entity in the United States made a business decision to not back a television show.  The name of the company is not important.  What is important is the reaction of one very overzealous California Senator.  Not an US Senator representing California, but a Senator in the California State Senate.  His name is Ted Lieu.  Ted was very upset that an American company.  One that employs hundreds of thousands of Americans would pull its support of a TV show.  Now I hate to tell Ted this but this type of thing happens all the time.  Sponsors come and go and businesses decide to fund shows based on their business model or corporate culture.  Sometimes it is the content of the show.  Other times it is an influx of correspondence from people outside the company.  Either way the dollars spent need to be done for the biggest bang for the buck.  Here is a post from a discussion of the ratings for the show.

  All-American Muslim had originally finished ahead of the terrorism drama Homeland which airs in the same time slot, but last week Homeland finished ahead of it, and not because its ratings had improved. Homeland had lost viewers, but All-American Muslim had lost even more viewers making it by far the lowest rated show on TLC Sunday nights. Worse still its 18-49 demographic had been cut in half, which put it way at the bottom of the ratings pile and that made it a bad bargain for the advertisers who stuck it out with the controversial series only to be rewarded with a Halal turkey.

So what was the reaction or should I say overreaction from a liberal progressive Senator in California.  How about this.

Boycott and ‘legislative remedies’ will be sought if no apology
Sen. Lieu says (Company name deleted) pulling of TV ads from TLC show about Muslims is bigoted, shameful and un-American


Here is the abridged letter.

You know what I am not giving Ted the space on this blog.  His out of line letter and threats are proof enough that he is a corrupt person who is only interested in showboating and self promotion.

Ted did you actually speak with the CEO before you fired off the letter accusing the company of bigotry and hatred or did you do it to get votes and make yourself look like a warrior for the little man.

Ted tell everybody how much you cut out of the senior day care programs in California.  What will they do?  You did that didn’t you!

Ted is a fine example of why California is in trouble.  Legislate EVERYTHING!  It does not matter if he is right.




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8 responses to “Ted Lieu: Out of Control

  1. Gadzooks

    Lieu appears to be another liberal “Stepford” politician from California. Wonder how he feels about the shutting down of West Coast Ports by the Occuturds: http://westcoastportshutdown.org/

  2. mikeh

    Cali Crash-and-Burn…
    the sooner the crash the sooner things get fixed there.

  3. Ted Lieu is a prick, if you don’t mind me saying Mike! I read all about this penis wart…https://www.facebook.com/lowes

  4. SpeakUPNJ

    Ted Lieu is a walking putrid example of the American version of the Hitler Nazi “Brown Shirts”. They evolved as Hitler evolved from brown shirted thugs to the black shirted lightening lapel pin skull and cross bones sado “SS”! America is finally beginning to see emerging from the shadows of Progressive Liberal Socialism movement at al layers of government what men of small minds but engorged with an anti-American ideology will do as they gain political power over their fellow citizens. And America better wake the hell up and fast! Ted’s over zealous, power rantings are the beginnings of the SHORT slide from socialism and social justice ideology to fascism and despotic control. Two early warnings in Ted’s actions…evoking an insane righteous social justice cause followed by immediate outrageous punishment. Result implants FEAR! If you read Hayek “Road to Serfdom” you’ll see that by definition this slide begins to accumulate the “worst element” of society into the government. Why? Because “good” people do not like to do the “bad things” that Big Government Control Socialism requires. So….bad people accumulate…they like the job! Ted is a canary in the mine. Buried down there as a junior state senator. But wait a minute it did not take but a few short years to elevate another junior state senator from Illinois, a radical Marxist Socialist to rise to be President and just look at the “bad people” he immediately moved into the Administration? Parallels are admitted in this blog. Remember…good people do not WANT these jobs…enforcement of CHANGE jobs…so you get more Teds in government! Watch out for the Teds now across the country. They are emboldened by what has happened in Washington Congress and White House and Dept of Justice and Supreme Court….the many Teds in their “brown shirts” are trying to be noticed by “The Leader”?

  5. JB

    He is trying to set a very dangerous precedent. He has his right to disagree, but to use his power to coerce a company into apologizing and spend it’s money to advertise where HE wants them to? That is socialism at its best.

  6. Richard Cory

    First Ted Lieu wasn’t born am American, he was born in Tiawan.
    His is a lawyer and his military “career” was that of a lawyer.
    He did not serve his country in a foreign country, he was never shot at or watched his brother in arms wounded or killed.
    His little stint with the Air Force is nothing more than an addition to his political resume.
    He served as Mike Gordon’s finance directorwhile he was running for state assembly, who by the way was also being investigated by the state of California on multiple counts of campaign fraud and illegal campaign contributions.
    The investigation was closed, on Gordons death weeks after being elected, AND Ted Lieu replaced him as assemblyman.
    Ted lieu is so worried about what goes on with a “reality” show about Muslims in Michigan, a concerned group on Florida and a corporation located in North Carolina just because there is A store in his district.
    I wonder what he has to say about the 9/11 terrorist who liked in California BEFORE the attacks and the fact that the same terrorists attended mosques in his neighborhood (fact: 9/11 commission report)
    He defends his Muslim friends by deflecting the fact that Timothy Mc Veigh was a christian and born in America.
    TRUE oh so TRUE.
    There was the Muslim Major who executed fellow Americans and brother soldiers at Fort Hood.
    Other Muslims that killed Americans at the world trade center bombing in 1993.
    The difference between these murderers is Mc Viegh WAS EXECUTED, not ONE Muslim in this country has been put to death for” their” crime yet.

    • The Working Class Conservative

      Rich I don’t like the butt hole either. He is a turd among turds in my eyes. I did not mention the JAG stuff only because I was already slapping him down. Yo9u and I both know he is a progressive totalitarian statist. If Ted is from the Philippines could he be a MUSLIM?

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