Ali he is not

Mohammed Ali used to say he was the greatest.  After watching the Ali/Frazier series of fights he could pretty much say he was, and so did many others.  Lots of people claim to be the best.  That is why when the video surfaced of President Barack Obama being interviewed by 60 Minutes  Steve Kroft, you could have knocked me over with a feather .  Here is what Barack Obama believes about himself.

The arrogance of this man is boundless.  Imagine putting yourself above any of the founders.  Moreover, the man touts his legislative accomplishments.  Look I will be the first to say that the Democrat Congress and Barack Obama did conduct a feverish campaign to get bills passed into law.  But at what cost to America?

The Affordable Care Act has increased the cost of and decreased the availability of healthcare in some states.  How can anyone, particularly the President think this was a win.

Federal Regulations and Agency interference.  Want me to list them?  Lead testing from the EPA.  This will cost only the poorest Americans when it comes to renovations.  The NLRB siding with a union when Boeing wanted to build a secondary plant in South Carolina.  Thereby stalling the expansion of a new airplane.  Bear in mind Boeing was not moving one job from Seattle.  It was a false claim by the union and an even more incorrect assumption by Obama’s hand-picked redistibutionists.

Financial Reform was another hasty bag of puke.  It has caused banks to start fees for services they never needed to have before.

So there sits Barack Hussein Obama in a comfortable spot with a sycophant reporter espousing his greatness.  Think of the impact of actually airing this moment in time.  Where the President who has presided over the fastest rise in national debt and the second longest period of high unemployment in history.  The man blames others and points fingers then  proclaims himself the fourth best President ever.  Daring to put himself in a class with Abe Lincoln. The best thing we can do for this nation is to send Obama back to Chicago where he can sit on a throne and declare himself lord of the Great Lakes.

Obama is even worse than Carter.  He stumbled in Iraq and now we are out of that country, but only because Obama has no sense of timing.  He pushed the regime at a sensitive time and the Iraqi’s hand was forced. Nobody but the Amercian Liberal left wanted the troops completely gone from that country.

Fire this Arrogant Foolish man.  BTW there are many world leaders who talk like this.  Look at Venezuela! As for Obama, he ranks way down on my list,  pick a number higher than 40!  Oh and the only reason no one in his adminsitration has been indicted is because a certain other Department is obfuscating the truth.  And they are doing it FAST and FURIOUSLY!



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4 responses to “Ali he is not

  1. mikeh

    All that AND a bag of chips.
    He better believe it….nobody else does.
    Bet he thinks he’s hot stuff in the boudoir, too.
    Total TMI mental pic there.

  2. William Haney

    His self-image is burnished by the legislative failures, the economic trough we have been forced into, the constant reminders of how stupid and stingy we are and that only he knows what is good for us.

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