2012 The year of the Senate

I have said this once and I will say it again.  We are all fixated on the 2012 Presidential election.  We fear four more years of Obama so much we are willing to nominate any of the above just to attempt to unseat him.  Obama for his part is out there tipping the apple cart to keep you watching him and trying to get him unseated.

Let’s fast forward to January 2013, Obama is defeated, the House and Senate have remained the same.  Any legislation from the House will still get blocked, as it has since the 2010 election, and congress will still be at a stalemate.  That one fact renders any Presidential election result almost useless.  Save for the elimination of the Czars, new appointments to agencies and court appointments.

Without the Senate, and barring a Supreme Court constitutional challenge, Obamacare will still be with us in 2014 when it fully kicks in.  Without the Senate we may never actually pass a budget.  Something that hasn’t happened since the Democrats took control.  Yet Obama calls the Republicans the do nothing Congress.  He is lying, they are the not doing his will Congress. They are the doing the people’s business Congress  It is the Senate Stupid.  They are killing budget bills, they are killing spending cut bills, and they are killing jobs bills that involve no government money (Keystone XL Pipeline).  These are the sins of the Senate and its leader Harry Reid.

But when he is not out on the golf course the sitting President is stirring the pot of hatred and class warfare and his Senate (possibly as corrupt as the Roman Senate) is sitting on its hands for partisan purposes.  I would hope that no citizen would think the Senate of the United States not considering any bills coming from the House a good thing.

Remember a veto proof congress can get more done than a sitting President.  That thought could go both ways too and we must be vigilant.

Beat Obama but take back the Senate!



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  1. Disagree here. The Islamofascist War against all non-Muslims will have to be dealt with, as will OPEC. The search for the not-yet-corrupted is on and we’ll have Bolton and west to revamp the entire Dept. of State. No more Kerrys!!!! Doc

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