2012: My prayer for you

I write lots of  negative things all year-long.  I do it with good intention.  You see I can not in good conscience sit back and watch people be enslaved by their own hand.  So here is my prayer for all of you

I pray each day that you receive an enlightened view of what liberty means.  While having a governing body is important it is more important that the people dictate the government actions not the other way around.

I pray that you find peace within yourself so you can share it with others.  No one can share love and peace with others unless they themselves are at peace with their lives.  We all suffer setbacks in our lives but it is the person at peace that overcomes them and makes them a benefit.  What is the old saying? If life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

I pray that all of you can deal with pain in your life.  I have seen good people die at their own hand due to pain in their lives.  Nothing bothers me more than the prospect of suicide.  If you feel yourself losing the battle with your pain, reach out.  God has given us people in our lives that can help.  We just need to recognize those people and share the pain.  It may not go away but you will know you are loved.

I pray that we all learn to laugh.  Since meeting my wife we have shared many good laughs.  It is that laughter that makes our disagreements tolerable.  Let the fun in your life outweigh the bad.

I pray that evil will avoid your doorstep .  But if it doesn’t I pray that the faith in our Lord will give you the armor and tools to fight it and expose it for what it is.

Lastly,  I pray that all of us can begin to prosper again in 2012.  Too many of the people I know are effected by the stagnation in the world right now.  I pray for real non-partisan agreements in our nations capital which will aid in the growth of this country, not in the party politics that are being played out there now.  We need people of honor in Washington not people of party loyalty.

Have a wonderful New Years celebration and get home safe.


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One response to “2012: My prayer for you

  1. SpeakUPNJ

    Ditto my friend…see you in 2012! The returning of American to the true liberty and justice for all its citizens promised in its heritage is far from over!

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