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Today the President traveled to Buckley Air Force base to talk about American Energy.  He spoke about using less petroleum products and more new American energy.  You all know by now that would be solar and wind for starters

SunPower is one big panel maker and on August 5th they announced a new factory to supply the North American Demand,  Here is an excerpt from the press release

SunPower Announces New Solar Panel Manufacturing Facility

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ: SPWRA, SPWRB), a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, today announced plans to own and operate a solar panel manufacturing facility in Mexicali, Mexico to meet the demand of a growing North American solar market.

SunPower plans to lease an existing building, which has up to 320,000 square feet of capacity. Today’s announcement is consistent with SunPower’s strategy to expand its upstream vertical integration for local panel manufacturing. SunPower will manufacture its high-efficiency E18 series, E19 series and world record setting E20 series solar panels for residential, commercial and power plant projects, and will also produce its SunPower® T5 Solar Roof Tile system.

AMERICAN ENERGY!  That’s rich.

Maybe the Mexican plant was a fluke and a nod to the North American trade folks.  But SunPower has come up with a great idea. An automated plant.  With the high cost of labor in the US this is the ideal situation.   Low payroll and high production.  Here is that press release.

SunPower Inaugurates Automated Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant

New Plant Incorporates Advanced Panel Manufacturing Process

SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR), a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of the world’s highest efficiency, commercially available solar cells and solar panels, today inaugurated its advanced, automated solar panel manufacturing plant, located in the Philippines (emphasis added) near to the company’s SPML solar cell factory. SunPower expects to produce up to 30 MW (megawatts) of solar panels per year from its first manufacturing line in the new plant. The production facility has sufficient space to expand capacity to 90 MW per year.

Damn 2 for 2.  The American Energy is really paying off in jobs right?  Obama did talk about manufacturing and jobs.  But why are we not getting the jobs here?  The President doesn’t seem to want to discuss that one.

Okay forget SunPower  lets talk about a truly American Company who has a huge alternative energy sector.  General Electric.  Surely this quintessential American Icon of a company is investing huge dollars in the US.  How about a training facility?  That would be important.

Press Releases

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01 June 2011

GE Opens New Manufacturing and Training Center, Representing $250 Million Investment in Saudi Arabia’s Energy Sector
  • GE Announces US$150 Million Additional Investment for Energy Equipment Manufacturing Hub
  • New 10,000-Square-Meter GE Energy Manufacturing Technology Center to Serve as High Technology Service, Manufacture and Training Hub
  • Joint Venture with Ali A. Tamimi Co. will Serve Saudi Arabia, the Wider Middle East Region, Europe and Africa

What?  Saudi Arabia?  I have to dig deeper  I believe.  Let’s try another

“Having a great workforce like we do can make your products higher-quality, lower-cost, more productive,” said Immelt, who was tapped by President Barack Obama in January to head a council of U.S. CEOs advising the White House on jobs and the economy. “In the end the amount of money we have in materials out there dwarfs the amount we have in labor.”

As proof of the facility’s cost-competitiveness, Immelt pointed to a 600,000 pound (272,200 kilogram) electric turbine workers at the plant were assembling for shipment to Iraq, part of a $3 billion order from the Iraqi government.

Labor costs represent just 10 to 20 percent of GE’s cost of heavy equipment such as turbines and engines, Immelt said.

GE is adding 125 new workers at the Greenville plant this year, part of an overall addition of 6,500 manufacturing staffers in the United States since 2009.

There you go  GE has added 6,500 jobs here since 2009.   But back to a search of the word Manufacturing on this site.

Here is the cut and paste of the results.  Ge was kind enough  to include the countries in the release.

Press Release / Jun 01, 2011

GE Opens New Manufacturing and Training Center, Representing $250 Million Investment in Saudi Arabia’s Energy Sector

Press Release / May 04, 2011

GE Intensifies Focus on Additive Manufacturing

Press Release / May 09, 2011

GE Opens New Oil & Gas Manufacturing Facility in the United Kingdom

Press Release

GE Hitachi Nuclear Signs Key Component Manufacturing Agreement with ENSA to Meet Growing Global

Press Release / Oct 25, 2010

GE Strengthens Role in China Compressor Manufacturing with SBW Group

Press Release / Apr 06, 2011

GE Doubles Capacity of Water Technology Manufacturing Facility to Support China’s Growing Demand for Cleaner Energy and Water

Press Release / Sep 28, 2007

GE Energy Invests US$50 Million for New Manufacturing Facility in Vietnam

Press Release / Nov 10, 2010

GE and ZKMK Localize Oil and Gas Turbine Manufacturing in Kazakhstan

GE Energy In The News / Jul 13, 2011

As GE’s sales leave U.S., big manufacturing stays

Let’s bear in mind that the CEO of this American Icon is the head of the Presidents jobs and competitiveness group.

Anyone feeling betrayed yet?  Well here is one moer headline to wake you up.

Light bulb factory closes; End of era for U.S. means more jobs overseas

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yea that was GE also!  You are being lied to!

November is coming.  VOTE!


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