Admin Morons

Here they are folks, Dumb and Dumber.   I will let you watch the video on decide which is which.  One is pretty much lying through his teeth and the other shows his disdain for the people who protect you.


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City Officials Talk Burned Firefighter Transfers, posted with vodpod

The city sent out its big dog to back up the lackluster Fire Commissioner.   Lloyd talked about investigating what is going on and reacting.    Well here is what needs to happen.  Commissioner Ayers needs to release the results of this “investigation”.    Having an inside track due to my past, I have access to some of the players in this drama and I am being told an old friend from a post a last week is a big character in these investigations.  Some of you might remember this smile

That is battalion Chief Costo yucking it up on a video promoting the hoods that the firefighters in question were wearing when these burns occurred.  It seems BC Costo does not believe the members when they tell him the equipment fails. I wonder if him being in this video has anything to do with it? (Somebody might want to look into the cost to the city on this item.)  But I digress.

Lloyd pretty much said as a good employer they investigated the cause of the injuries and the inference was that these six transferred firefighter were just not wearing their protective gear.

That bit of information really pissed off the former Public Safety Director Everett Gillison.   Befoe we talk about what Gillison said on the video lets talk about the man.  Who is he?

1 He is a lifelong friend of Mayor Nutter by all accounts.

2 Here is his Bio according to the Center for American Progress

Everett A. Gillison is a native Philadelphian. He grew up in West Philadelphia, graduating from University City High School, the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Political Science and Syracuse University College of Law. Everett started off as an Assistant Defender at the Defender Association of Philadelphia where he has worked for twenty-two years until he was appointed Deputy Mayor for Public Safety on January 7, 2008. In his current position he oversees Police and Fire Departments, Prisons, Office of Emergency Management, and the Mayor’s Office of Reintegration Services for Ex-Offenders.

This is the perfect guy to oversee the Prison system, let alone the Police and Fire Departments!  It shows in how well he handled this brief moment on camera at Fox 29.  What did he say?  Wear the uniform with Pride or Quit?  I hope the men and women of the PFD do not take offense if I speak for them here.

Hey Gillison,  You would not have a clue about the pride of anyone of the people you used to have oversight over.  If you took your head out of the butt of your buddy Mayor Nutter long enough you would see that the reason that these men and women got burned was BECAUSE the had pride.  Something you as a public defender only felt when you embarrassed the police or witnesses in the cases you were involved with.  I am saddened that Mayor Nutter appointed such a callous moron with no class to such a high position in his administration and feel that you, Lloyd Ayers and Ernest( the plain clothes sleuth) should all be dismissed due to lack of concern for both the people and the workers of the City Of Philadelphia.

But the reality is that all of you are nothing but hand puppets for Mike Nutter, the man who once said cutting the fire service was foolish and when elected mayor made sure that was the first department he screwed.  Meanwhile men and women are getting burned and people are dying because of a potential personal vendetta because the union would not back his election campaign.

What a way to govern Mike.  Nice job sending your moronic pit bulls, Lloyd and Everett out to refute the union allegations with a 5 second sound bite.  The warmth is overwhelming.

To the people of Philadelphia,  The Mayor will risk your life to punish the firefighters!  If you can’t see that the next life lost could be yours.



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2 responses to “Admin Morons

  1. Lou Lupo

    OUTSTANDING post Mike Madden, keep ’em coming. The taxpaying citizens of the shit hole city need to know the truth about the morons running this city into the ground. With the way they are running things it’s only a matter of time before a major loss of life occurs to civilians or firefighters.

    • The Working Class Conservative

      Thanks Lou make sure we are sharing with all our friends The people are the key

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