Don’t tell Nancy

Well the 2 year anniversary of the Affordable Health Care Act passed without any fanfare from the Obama administration.  But it seems nobody bothered to tell Nancy Pelosi that the event was supposed to be low-key.  That and she still does not see how a mandate and the imposition of fines for not having health care is an intrusion on the basic civil rights of all Americans.  Lets’ listen to Nancy “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it” Pelosi say that the Declaration of Independence (a document many on the left will argue holds no legal force as a way of diminishing its power) endorses the Affordable Care Act.

I call this one a talking points fail.  The White House went off the air on the anniversary knowing that the case will be before the Supreme Court shortly.  No need to make a big deal about a law that could be ruled unconstitutional by June. Nancy is either delusional or just not in the loop anymore.  I am going with delusional!

The Affordable Care Act denies us liberty you IDIOT!

For the record it would be a perfect world if everyone could have health care but not if it is forced on them by the government.

Listen to what she is talking about at the end.  She is talking about the government insuring artists and others.  WHAT?



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3 responses to “Don’t tell Nancy

  1. Gadzooks

    Imagine what Michelangelo might have accomplished had Obamacare existed in the 1400’s.

  2. SpeakUPNJ

    Sorry but you have to “give me something” very valueable to make me listen to that squeaking weasel of a she-devil talk about anything. She is an idiot and frankly that makes other idiots look bad. But if she is that bad…then some day we need to have a really good look at the strange people in her district that send her back every two years. But then again they know IF she loses…they have to live with her! Hmmm…now I get it.

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