Jumping to Conclusions

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case is a very interesting study in jumping to conclusions.  Although the incident happened over a month ago we can say those words in reference to this since that is exactly what everyone seems to be doing.

The AP published a story about the mistrust between Sanford Police and blacks in the town.  The police chief who just stepped down temporarily was put in place to fix that relationship.  Not everyone knows all the facts and yet everyone seems to want to weigh in.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter called it an assassination on MSNBC.  I had no idea the Mayor who presided over the biggest jump in murders in Philadelphia history had the file from the Sanford Florida Police.  I thought the State Attorney General did and was reviewing.  Hey Mike  if you don’t know SHUT UP!

The President said that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon.  This only shows me that the President never talked to a geneticist.  You see our President is half white and in genetics everything is random.   Obama’s son could look like me!

Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers  are calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman on the grounds he murdered Trayvon.  Well to be clear the New Black Panthers want him killed and offered ten grand to get that done.  But either way neither of these people have the case file either. And Sharpton is surely doing it to raise his bad ratings!

There is much talk about Zimmerman getting out of his SUV.  If you listen to the call he was out of the SUV BEFORE the police said he does not need to follow Martin.  Many people say the police told him not to get out of the truck.  Not true! The last bit of conversation was not that he was following Trayvon but that he would meet the police at the mailboxes in the development.

Listen to the call  and you tell me what you hear.  By the way  I hear no racial slurs as inferred by some.  He uses the word Assholes but only in reference to the criminals in general not this specific person.  Since this is already out there this is for your information.

I love the one about Zimmerman confronting Trayvon.  Zimmerman while possibly overweight is shorter than me.  I can not imagine him running up to a 6’2″ male and confronting him.  Let’s take this one step further.  Zimmerman had a gun right?  So don’t you think if he was going to confront a potential bad guy he might at least show the weapon and stay far enough away to USE it should the confrontation go bad?

See I am jumping to conclusions too..  We don’t know what happened but at this point the people making these conclusions are raising the debate to a fevered pitch and if George Zimmerman does get exonerated again, you can bet there will be turmoil in the street of at least Sanford Florida.  But since there have been multiple protests in towns and cities all over the country, the reaction could mirror the riots back in the 60’s and 70’s .

People like Al Sharpton would be very happy if that happened.  He is not a man of God.  In my church forgiveness is taught.  It was the subject of the sermon this past Sunday.  Maybe the folks who are today stirring the racial pot for their own political gain should look in the bible they are supposed to represent and see how it is divine to forgive.

Maybe we should all get a copy of Reverend TD Jakes book “Letting it Go”  where he talks about the biblical references to anger and how it destroys people.  That is a man of God and of good faith.

Stop jumping to conclusions and let the facts come out.  Something the press has failed to do up to now, which contributes to the furor.  The best decisions are made with facts.



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4 responses to “Jumping to Conclusions

  1. Rayne

    Sorry, this isn’t about the murder or tragic death of a young black kid! It’s about stirring the pot of racisism, rialing up the blacks so they don’t stay home in November! Obama didn’t weigh in because this is an anomily, he got involved to incite the black community against the white community!

    • The Working Class Conservative

      The tenor of the argument from the “leaders” of the black community is indicative of nothing new. But the volume with which they are embracing this particular situation is dangerous. This will go to the DOJ without a doubt. The people who are preaching hate here will never trust the Florida Attorney Generals investigation.

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