Arrest: Who decides.

This is why I have called for cooler heads to prevail.  Just the other day I posted about the Sanford Police and the horrible relationship they have with the Black   community in that town.  Reverend Al runs down there and yells about Zimmerman being arrested.  Heck even Rosanne Barr (mouth without work) is tweeting about getting him arrested.  I am not saying he should not be or for that matter should be arrested at this point.  As I said the other day, we don’t know what happened.  Well apparently some new information has been released and also the video of Zimmerman arriving at the police station in Sanford, watch it at FoxNews.  Here is what we did not know last week but is now being widely reported in the last day or so.

It is the county prosecutors who decide to charge with a crime and if it is a capital crime they usually convene a grand jury.  What has been published is that the investigator who interviewed Zimmerman recommended arrest on the charge of Homicide/negligent manslaughter.  So these police that are being vilified recommended to the prosecutor an arrest strategy.  It turns out it was the prosecutors who said no at that point.  So even more interesting is the fact that the people the Sanford police handed their case over to was that same office. Here it is one month later and the prosecutors propose a grand jury in April.

The Governor, Rick Scott, of Florida very wisely appointed a prosecutor from another area of the state to take over the case.  You can read the story at the Miami-Herald.  From my reading of the article this was a good move. She sounds like a tough prosecutor and if there are flaws in Zimmerman’s story  she will act on that information.

Tone it down and pray for the families of these two people.  They are suffering in limbo until this is settled.


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