This Poor Person

You know Barack Obama wants you to feel good for Julia.  You know the composite woman on his campaign site.  She is the campaign version of Barack’s Novel girlfriend, she really does not exist.  But lets look at some of what Obama is telling us about Julia.

Head Start is a 50-year-old program and only recently have the Feds evaluated the program.  Here is one gem from that evaluation

Similarly, the Head Start performance standards emphasize the importance of respecting children and individualizing services as needed based on their cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Indeed, among the 3-year-old treatment group, parents were more likely to enroll their children for a second year of Head Start if they found the program supportive of their culture, if they were immigrants, and if English was not the primary language used in the home. Likewise, the findings from this study demonstrate that Black children (in the 4-year-old cohort) and Dual Language Learners are among the groups that benefited more than other groups from access to Head Start. However, most of these impacts only lasted through the end of kindergarten.

The Government itself says Head Start has no real lasting effects on education  so what would be the purpose of spending all that money?  And more importantly later in life why did this happen.

Shouldn’t Julia have sent her son to Head Start at 3 just like her?  Yet there is only the mention of Kindergarten.  Will her son suffer for not having participated in this exceptional program.  Well we know that answer already so it would seem Julia did a good thing not sending her son to a Government boondoggle.

Let’s jump ahead 30 years in Julia’s life.

So Julia goes on Social Security at 67.  Even if Julia went into the first class of Head Start that would make here about 55 right now.  Which means that her entry into Head Start had nothing to do with President Obama nor has anything she has received in Government benefits up to 2008 came from Obama.  But here is the falsehood in this dream of everlasting government intervention.  Over the last 40 years the Congress of the United States has raided the Social Security Trust Fund (Tongue in cheek here folks) and used it to by your votes with other giveaways.  In fact the Feds say that the fund (which does not really exist will be broke in 2035., and here is part of the reason

Obama is no better.  He used the Social security tax as a tool to fool you and me (I hope you were not fooled) by saying he was giving us a payroll tax cut.  What he was doing was robbing the Social Security money to buy your vote.  Poor Julia may never see the comfortable retirement that Barack demonstrated in his very sad slide show about Julia’s life.

She is alone her whole life, she depends on Government for almost every aspect of her existence.  The question we should be asking is “Do you really want to depend on a Government for your happiness?”

My short answer is no, and I feel sad for Julia.

She never experienced the joy of a long-term relationship with another person, she never got to stand on her own two feet and she apparently never heard of a retirement account.

Ladies  don’t let this life happen to you.



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2 responses to “This Poor Person

  1. mikeh

    The point of spending ALL that money is …..
    to keep BBarry’s friends employed.
    Woildn’t you like to be one of Brry’s friends?

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