Ayers sets it straight?

It is beyond me how the author of a Philadelphia magazine piece got the story so wrong that Lloyd Ayers felt compelled to release an official department memo defending his tenure as commissioner.  From what I have been told the author interviewed Lloyd extensively and even in the article there was mention of a log Ayers kept.  If you knew an article was going to be written that shed a bad light on your leadership would you hold back any information?  IN the article this was mentioned.

TODAY, LLOYD AYERS SPEAKS OF MAKING CHANGES. There is a “consistency log,” kept by his office, in which punishments and infractions are recorded, to ensure similar penalties. “We’re moving toward releasing­ that in some way,” he says, as a means of combating the perception of racism within the fire department.

“Consistency Log”?  Really when did this log begin?  Why then in his memo to the members does Ayers talk about the research into the content and talk about how painstaking it was.  Didn’t he have it right there on his desk?

To make matters worse Ayers brings in the memory of jack Slivinski.  A young man who followed his father into the department.  In fact young jack got his fathers slot at the prestigious Rescue 1. Jack kept himself in good shape (you might want to do that if you need to do vertical rescues) and that cost him his sanity.  Let’s not forget that the whole basis of the Philadelphia Magazine article was to talk about what happened to jack and why.

Jack responded to a fire with a good man a good Lieutenant named Derrick Harvey.  I knew Derrick and had some great conversations with him.  At the fire Jack was inside and things went bad.  Harvey not seeing his man outside the building went in to get him.  The floor collapsed and Derrick died by fire.  Not to be too graphic but I saw the entire investigation that was conducted by the safety office and even saw Derricks bunker gear.  Jack carried that guilt with him for many years,

Did Ayers think for one minute while writing this memo that his ridiculous reaction to a charity calender shoot of a well chiseled young firefighter would tip the scale in a bad way?  No, instead Ayers talks about the more broad topic of Firefighter and Paramedic suicide.  Which in Philadelphia is becoming a huge problem. Could Jack have continued his career had he not been punished for doing a good thing>  We will never know but what we do know is that it was not until AFTER Ayers transferred him from his company that Jack began to decline rapidly.

When will Lloyd face that fact.  Certainly not soon!  This week Memo to the members shows that.

There is more I am waiting to get some infromation.


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