Homeland Security?

Yesterday an almost gleeful Janet Napolitano released the following statement after the Supreme Court struck down three sections of the Arizona Immigration law.  But upheld the one with the most teeth.  Here is that statement.

Statement by Secretary Napolitano on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Arizona v. the United States

Release Date: June 25, 2012

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
Contact: 202-282-8010

“I am pleased that the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed that state laws cannot dictate the federal government’s immigration enforcement policies or priorities. DHS remains focused on enhancing public safety and the integrity of our border by prioritizing enforcement resources on those who are in the country unlawfully and committing crimes, those who have repeatedly violated our immigration laws, and those who recently crossed our borders illegally. The Court’s decision not to strike down Section Two at this time will make DHS’ work more challenging. Accordingly, DHS will implement operational enhancements to its programs in Arizona to ensure that the agency can remain focused on its priorities. Over the past three and half years, this Administration has dedicated unprecedented resources to secure the border and to enforcing our nation’s immigration laws in a firm and reasonable fashion. We continue to urge Congress to pass comprehensive reform because nothing short of a comprehensive solution will resolve the current patchwork of immigration laws. Finally, it is important to note that today’s Supreme Court decision will not impact the memorandum I issued on June 15th related to prosecutorial discretion eligibility for productive members of society who were brought to the United States as children.”

Did you read it carefully?  What is Janet telling us?  Here is a short list

1. The federal government does not care if someone enters the country illegally.  Nope  they only care if they commit deadly crimes.  But minor offenses are okay.  Never mind that they broke our laws big time just walking across the unprotected border.

2. The government is spending more time and money and being more compassionate about our policy.  So Janet and Barry get to enforce the law in whatever manner they wish?  Sorry Protect and Defend does not mean selective enforcement.  Illegal is Illegal and you are not spending our money wisely if this statement is true

3. Janet is going to shut down Arizona’s access to ICE!  Period.  What do you think Operational changes toward Arizona means.  While the Supreme Court  let this provision stand (and for good reason) Napolitano and her boss figured out they can just unplug the phone from Arizona and ignore the real issues.

4. Selective enforcement!  Selective enforcement!  If they were to get the border under control, we could begin real enforcement.  How would I describe our current methods of stopping illegals and deporting the ones we do catch?  Did you ever see a hamster on a wheel?  Running in circles, that pretty much sums it up.  We kick them out (a lot less than before) and they come right back in.

The Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona had  a nice little present for the Obama Administration today.  You can read it here.


Good Job Sheriff Joe at least law enforcement in Arizona is doing its job.  How about Washington next.  Let’s move Janet out of her cushy office and back home to Arizona.  Yes folks Big Sis is screwing her own constituents and happy to do it for Obama.  See you in November.



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2 responses to “Homeland Security?

  1. SpeakUPNJ

    Impeach Obama, jail Holder and Napolitano…show them that WE have laws in America and they are going to learn how they work!

    • The Working Class Conservative

      I like the way you think but the Senate won’t Impeach him. As far as the WORST Lawyer in the world he should be in jail

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