A revealing story.

This morning I woke up to find this headline on the 6ABC news website.

2 city councilperson aides suspected of DUI

Now you would think that these incidents might have happened  of different days or at different times but would you be surprised to find out they stemmed from the same incident?  Read on as reported by channel 6

SPRING GARDEN – September 8, 2012 (WPVI) — Two city councilperson aides were arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, after a crash in Spring Garden.

It happened around 3:00 Saturday morning near the intersection of North 13th and Hamilton streets.

Authorities say a female aide to a city councilperson, lost control of her city owned vehicle and struck a pole, then a wall. She told police she was trying to avoid a bicyclist.

The woman called police and a male friend, who also happened to be an aide for a city councilperson.

Police arrived and took the female aide into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence.

The second city councilperson aide arrived on the scene, also driving a city owned vehicle. The male aide was taken into police custody for DUI suspicions as well.

An investigation continues.

Isn’t that amazing!  Now I am going to take this in a different direction.  For years City Council members have had cars and even drivers.  I am not sure why they need a driver they must be important (or self-important).  But this story has left me wondering just how many vehicles are at city councils disposal and why aides to council people are using the cars for personal business, you know like drinking at clubs till all hours of the morning.  Don’t get me wrong I did my share of that but I would never take a company car for personal business unless my boss made it clear it was okay.  Which leads me to think that these folks bosses did make it okay.  DO you see all the questions that arise from this.

How much is the vehicle expenditure for Council?

How much do they spend in gas?

Who pays for the gas if they are doing personal errands?

How many people who work for council have cars?

Why do they need them?

All these and more while the members of the city Unions like AFSME, and IAFF Local 22 go without raises or contracts for the entire first term of Mayor Michael Nutter’s administration.

When will the citizens of Philadelphia wake up to the corruption running their city?  When will they stop voting in the same party that is decimating the city.  In his speech before the Democrat National Convention Mike Nutter said that we take care of our own.  Based on this story and they way he is treating the other city workers he is right.  They are taking care of their own.  To hell with everyone else.

Taking a line from the news story.  An investigation should begin!



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7 responses to “A revealing story.

  1. steve p

    Give them all Septa passes it will save taxpayer money and you know Septa will be on time and safer to ride.

    • The Working Class Conservative

      If a PFD member was caught using a city car for personal reasons they would lose their spot and be sent back to the field. Or should I say that is how it used to be. Not sure what these current morons are doing.

  2. Glenn Drake

    Since City Council is in Summer Recess, all vehicles should have been TURNED IN, until City Council resumes in October!

  3. Steve Montemuro

    How else can they make their beer and licquor runs??

  4. Mary Humphries

    For years I have said that the city could save lots of money by taking away the cars and drivers. My suggestion was to buy 2 mini vans that can be used for official business by all counsel people. These vans can be shared. This would be as an option of course if the elected ones refused to drive their own cars to their own functions. I as a tax payer would rather have safety than luxury for counsel

  5. And if one of those drunk drivers ran a red light and smashed into a fire dept. vehicle in the intersection, it would be the ff’s/medic’s fault. And council president Darrell Clark (who they work for) gets on the news and says he will review the policy, how about firing their asses Darrell? This city is a joke.

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