Lloyd Ayers: The Philadelphia Fire Department Deception

I would like you to watch the worst testimony ever heard before a governing body.  The man you are about to watch is Lloyd Ayers he is reportedly the Commissioner of the Philadelphia Fire Department. I don’t think he is qualified to be a sewer cleaner.  No offense to the men and women in the city that actually do work in the city sewers.

Did you notice that he argued that familiarity with the run was not important?  The senior guy was unimportant.  The runs are preplanned.  But the learning curve for an entire fire local is not one year.  It may not even be two years.  But Lloyd being the bullshitter he is then says it is about familiarity with schools, businesses and  hospitals.  We  you don’t get familiar by moving people around.  One hospital is not the same as another but there are plenty of hospitals.  Who would you as a citizen want coming to your fire.  I guy who just got assigned with two other guys who might not be familiar with your home or office, or a team lead by a tenured firefighter who has been in the building numerous times and knows the layout like the back of their hand?

What Ayers is proposing is unprecedented in the fire service.  Transferring the most senior firefighters is a dangerous and frankly stupid thing to do.  Ayers looked like a fool in that video.   Now watch as a city council member just blows the commissioner out of the water.

Amazing isn’t it.  No former commissioner nor Fire Service leaders from other cities think this is a great idea.  If fact as the councilman is dumbfounded by the logic of this plan. Why you ask?  Because nothing in this plan is motivated to help the citizens of Philadelphia. Watch that first video again.  Listen as he chooses his words.  He is making it up as he goes along.  But what is really scary about Ayers and I guess his boss Michael Nutter (since Nutter keeps him in position) is they think they can drive fire from the city of Philadelphia.  No really they do.  Listen to Lloyd on the first video again,  Yes I know it is painful to watch the man talk but go back and listen to his logic about the partnership between citizen and the fire department.  He thinks he can drive the fire load to zero!  That line of thought alone give me reason to wonder about his ability to be a fire service administrator.

Fire is a random act.  A loose wire, a faulty switch or  a smoker who falls asleep.  You will never get the fire load to zero.  Lloyd KNOWS this but he pitches the lie that you can by education reduce the fire load to zero.  The reality is much of the really old housing stock in Philadelphia is burned out and since there are no new Highway projects (See the 1970’s and the second street corridor)  the fire load is down.  But to assume by moving firefighters around the city and doing more community outreach you can reduce the danger to the citizens is nothing short of foolhardy!

I once worked in the slowest section of Philadelphia when it came to fires.  Guess what area had the highest death rate?  Yep  the slow section of the city.

Lloyd Ayers is making up a false sense of fire safety by trying to tell you that he can reduce your chances of a fire to ZERO!  He is doing a head fake to get his way to punish the Firefighters for calling him on his poor leadership and absolute lack of knowledge.  Lloyd was not appointed because he was a great leader. He was appointed because he has influential friends and holds his position for the same SAD reason.



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11 responses to “Lloyd Ayers: The Philadelphia Fire Department Deception

  1. Chris P

    Well done Mike! Thanks for publishing this information.

  2. Joe

    He did it to the medics already and there was no response from the public or union

    • The Working Class Conservative

      Joe I doubt the public will be much behind this either. They are apathetic. As for the union they have fought for the medics. Otherwise you would no longer even be in the bargaining unit and it could be a lot worse. Tell dad I said Hi

      • Joe

        I agree Mike. What I meant was the union didn’t seem to make as big a deal when medics who knew there locals were moved and response times increased. I will tell dad you said hi

      • The Working Class Conservative

        Joe never forget the power of the union is only as big as the media and citiens allow it to be.

  3. Christina

    the public has no way of knowing unless we ourselves share this info with everyone we know. it’s the best we can do because, although it’s unfair, the media is not going to cover stories from the pfd point of view. I know it’s hard to organize some big way to get the public outraged. life is so busy and we’re all waiting for the union to do something that we don’t think they can. we are never going to stop being busy in our own personal lives and each union member is the union. tell everyone you know, explain it to them: what brown outs really mean to their families, what switching firefighters locals mean, what closing of fire houses means! etc, etc, etc!!! it’s not too late! and what are they going to do next? they’re not stopping! make a commitment to talk about this even when you’re trying not to think about work and are out there in the world. I really don’t think the masses have a real clue as to what’s going on here! it’s depressing but real change starts with us.

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