Happy New Year and That Resolution is Back

Happy New Year readers and how many of you did it again?  You made  New Year resolutions.  It is a nice tradition isn’t it?  But how many of us really mean it, hey you know what, forget meaning it since we really do want to do those things.  Let’s talk about being able to follow through.  Have you ever uttered the words “then life got in the way?”  Since we have become Health Coaches we can’t count the times folks have said that to us.  Life or habits do get n our way.

When we make those resolutions we are full of fire and motivation.  This year we are going to do it!  This year will be different.  But until you change you and your habits. Noting will actually change in the long term.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Will Durant

And Durant has a point.  We have many habits in life and what we eat is a big one.  Most of our eating is subconscious.  Oh so now your saying to yourself, how can that be when it requires action on my part?   The answer is simple.  Your body demands certain things.  when your body is used to them it automatically tells you to eat something that has that “comfort factor”.  This is where the term comfort food comes in, it is not just comforting for the soul it is appeasing the bodies demand for that nutrient.  Good or bad your body wants it and your mind acts on that impulse.  If you doubt this take a drive by some spot that is making food.  Pay attention to your bodies reaction when you smell that cooking.  Heck this can work in your own home.  Your wife or you for that matter,  could be making something to take to to work and it smells so good you just have to try it.   So let’s look at what another great man had to say about habits.

It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them. Benjamin Franklin

Franklin was surely a wise man.  We can make a resolution to fix something in our lives but unless we address the underlying habits we will never achieve long term success.  You see Franklin and Durant are saying the same thing just from different angles.  Durant wants you to understand that by developing good habits, good things happen.  Franklin is showing us that bad habits will prevent us from developing good ones.

So that is why you need a support team and some instructions.  Sort of like a coach in football and a playbook.  And for you non-sports fans out there, a guide and a map. A coach can show you where the pitfalls are and a playbook can show you what habits you need to develop to break the old bad habits, the same goes for a guide and a map.

So if you made a resolution to get healthy or lose weight maybe going it alone isn’t the best idea.  Find a bunch of people who are going in that direction too and join them.  Get  on the team with a coach.  It can be an awesome feeling to take control of your life.



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