The Unemployment Numbers

Watch this joyous celebration of the unemployment announcement at MSNBC.  I am certain it was a democrat party.  But come on.

Now read the actual post from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website and explain to me what they were cheering about.


Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 96,000 in August, and the unemployment rate edged down to 8.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment increased in food services and drinking places, in professional and technical services, and in health care. Household Survey Data The unemployment rate edged down in August to 8.1 percent. Since the beginning of this year, the rate has held in a narrow range of 8.1 to 8.3 percent. The number of unemployed persons, at 12.5 million, was little changed in August. (See table A-1.) Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men (7.6 percent), adult women (7.3 percent), teenagers (24.6 percent), whites (7.2 percent), blacks (14.1 percent), and Hispanics (10.2 percent) showed little or no change in August. The jobless rate for Asians was 5.9 percent (not seasonally adjusted), little changed from a year earlier. (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.) In August, the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was little changed at 5.0 million. These individuals accounted for 40.0 percent of the unemployed. (See table A-12.) Both the civilian labor force (154.6 million) and the labor force participation rate (63.5 percent) declined in August. The employment-population ratio, at 58.3 percent, was little changed. (See table A-1.)

Folks there was nothing positive in that announcement.  In fact it pretty much said nothing really changed.  So how did the rate drop from 8.3 to 8.1?  Simple people stopped looking for work!  Once again there is nothing positive in this report.  In fact that last statistic is the most telling.  The labor force is shrinking!

As this chart shows Post 9/11/01 the employment began to drop and it stabilized in 2004 and even stayed steady in 2008 but look what happens in 2009 until today.  That is a steep decline in jobs in America.

I will let you draw a conclusion from this data.  I know mine.


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A revealing story.

This morning I woke up to find this headline on the 6ABC news website.

2 city councilperson aides suspected of DUI

Now you would think that these incidents might have happened  of different days or at different times but would you be surprised to find out they stemmed from the same incident?  Read on as reported by channel 6

SPRING GARDEN – September 8, 2012 (WPVI) — Two city councilperson aides were arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, after a crash in Spring Garden.

It happened around 3:00 Saturday morning near the intersection of North 13th and Hamilton streets.

Authorities say a female aide to a city councilperson, lost control of her city owned vehicle and struck a pole, then a wall. She told police she was trying to avoid a bicyclist.

The woman called police and a male friend, who also happened to be an aide for a city councilperson.

Police arrived and took the female aide into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence.

The second city councilperson aide arrived on the scene, also driving a city owned vehicle. The male aide was taken into police custody for DUI suspicions as well.

An investigation continues.

Isn’t that amazing!  Now I am going to take this in a different direction.  For years City Council members have had cars and even drivers.  I am not sure why they need a driver they must be important (or self-important).  But this story has left me wondering just how many vehicles are at city councils disposal and why aides to council people are using the cars for personal business, you know like drinking at clubs till all hours of the morning.  Don’t get me wrong I did my share of that but I would never take a company car for personal business unless my boss made it clear it was okay.  Which leads me to think that these folks bosses did make it okay.  DO you see all the questions that arise from this.

How much is the vehicle expenditure for Council?

How much do they spend in gas?

Who pays for the gas if they are doing personal errands?

How many people who work for council have cars?

Why do they need them?

All these and more while the members of the city Unions like AFSME, and IAFF Local 22 go without raises or contracts for the entire first term of Mayor Michael Nutter’s administration.

When will the citizens of Philadelphia wake up to the corruption running their city?  When will they stop voting in the same party that is decimating the city.  In his speech before the Democrat National Convention Mike Nutter said that we take care of our own.  Based on this story and they way he is treating the other city workers he is right.  They are taking care of their own.  To hell with everyone else.

Taking a line from the news story.  An investigation should begin!


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God gets Booed.

Well the Democrats only proved how far left and secular they have become.  Not only do they hate the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they deny this is a country founded on religious faith.  Today they proved it in spades with this voice vote on reinstating references to God and the fact that Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel.   Watch the hate.

Take a good look at the shirt on the man yelling at the end.  What does it say?  It seems to be Arabic.  He looks angry.  But what was really shocking was that the NO’s won all three votes and when they were overridden they booed.

Time to remove as many of these anti-American Democrats  from office as possible.


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The Democrats Convention

How exciting is this.  Today Michele Obama is going on stage to talk about what a great guy her husband is and what a good job he has done as president.  I am getting a warm fuzzy feeling about this.  But not long after the first lady stops talking we will be faced with a bigger problem.

That’s right,  the national debt will have  soared to 16 trillion.  That means that really great guy and wonderful father has spent more money that any other first term president in history.  Somehow I think Michele’s words will ring hollow.

Hey look our debt exceeds our GDP!

It also appears that the Democrats will only strengthen their ties to the Labor unions during the next few days.  Would I be the only union member who thinks that this is an unholy alliance?  The best example of how wrong it is was the GM bailout.  Where the people who actually risked their money, the GM bondholders got raked over the coals financially by the Obama administration.   Here is how an online branch of  Investors Business Daily said it.

These are just the costs that can be identified today. In the longer run, the Obama administration has sent a chilling message about the rule of law and the sanctity of contracts — both basic to a free market.

It’s telling anyone who invests in or lends to a business that, should politics dictate, it would deny it equal treatment.

Crony capitalism is getting well-deserved criticism this election year, and there was a strong element of it in the bailout of auto companies and unions.

The deliberate tilting of the scales toward the dominant auto union took cronyism to an even more destructive level, because it undermined capitalism itself.

The Obama team may claim to have saved iconic American businesses.

But taking over any company to give labor a leg up on capital — call it crony socialism if you will — sets a precedent that threatens businesses of all kinds.

You read that right.  BHO sold out the investors and gave the bank to the unions.  Nothing changed at GM financially and the unions gave no concessions in the process.  How long before they are broke again?

One more extra special moment tonight. The Presidents buddy Rahm Emmanuel will be speaking too.  But he has to jet back to Chicago to deal with a looming teachers strike.  How ironic is that.  Unions pissed off at a democrat?  Hmm… Sounds like the Philadelphia situation too.  Mayor Nutter screwing every union in the city and offering no contracts in over 4 years.

How can the Democrats reconcile these two situations.

Oh did I mention that Chicago with over 300 murders this year also sent 50 police officers to the Convention in Charlotte.  Where is that manpower needed right now?

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Does Biden Speak Anymore?

June 14 2012, that was the last time the official White House website posted any comment or “remarks” by Vice President Joe Biden.  A few weeks ago I was going to write a blog about a speech Biden gave in front of a union convention.  One where he incurred the ire of the union local from the city that hosted the event.  So being a good researcher, I immediately went to the White House and clicked on the Speeches and Remarks tab.  Up popped various comments from the first lady and the president but I could not find Biden’s speech.  I went back a few pages and still noting.  I gave up and noted that it appeared that the campaign was more important than speeches to constituents.  In fact just about every entry onto what should be the official record of the presidents speeches has been reduced to one long running series of transcribed campaign speeches .  Doubt it?  Here is the first page as of 6PM on 8/17/12

Care to count the word campaign vs entries?  Now on to the last days of “Old Joe”  Here is a cap of that fateful day

You see there is still campaign stuff there but Biden still gets to be on the page.  Let’s go back in time and see what the site used to look like this from March.

Sure there is campaign stuff here but if you look carefully you will see that even Biden’s campaign stops were recorded for posterity.  Not anymore.  The Veep is persona-non-Grata at the White house web page.  And what should be a great resource of speeches by our countries President (a taxpayer-funded one) has turned into a machine to regurgitate his campaign speeches.  Which we all know have nothing to do with running the country.  Anyone really care what the First Lady had to say the a high school?   Which leads me to an off topic question.  Why does this President and his wife campaign at high schools?  Hmm…  Sorry back on topic.

Look I could care less about Biden speaking but for pure comic relief there is nothing better than Biden unleashed.  Call the White House and demand the publish the comedy routines.

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90 Million Won’t Vote

I heard this yesterday and decided to see what it was about.  I was wondering if these were the disinterested or the disenfranchised.  So I did a Google search for how and what was being reported about the USA Today/Suffolk University poll.  There is of course the obligatory spin from the left blaming the Koch Brothers.  In an article at the HuffPo the former governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm comes down squarely in that camp.  It is actually the title of the article.  Not Voting? “The Koch Brothers Thank You”, her spin could not be more clear.  She is blaming the right for a campaign of potential voter suppression.  Here is an excerpt from her article.

The right is working very, very hard this election, spending record amounts of money, for the purpose of having you decide not to vote. They are desperate for you to stay home. They are spending money on ads. They are spending money on voter suppression. They are spending money on letting you know they are spending money so that it disgusts you; so that you’re turned off by the whole awful spectacle they’ve created. They have the champagne on ice, ready to pop the cork on election night when you opt out.

Not voting isn’t just sitting it out. Not voting is giving in.

Pretty strong indictment of the small government folks wouldn’t you say?  But we need to look at the sample and the methodology of the poll to see what is going on.  Commentary and articles as we have learned can be written with omissions and exclusions of fact.  Thankfully the Atlantic Wire posted some interesting commentary after they said those 90 million would vote overwhelmingly for Obama (if they voted).   This is what they posted on line.

Findings: Of unregistered voters, 43 percent said they would vote for Obama and 23 percent said they would vote for a third party candidate over Romney. Obama also won 43 percent of voters who are registered, but “said they are less likely to cast a ballot.” Romney got 20 percent of that category and 18 percent wanted a third party candidate.
Pollster: USA Today/Suffolk University
Methodology: Live telephone interviews with 800 U.S. adults with a margin of error of +/-3.47 percent.
Why it matters: According to USA Today, this year “perhaps 90 million Americans who could vote won’t.” Based on these results if Obama could just get them out to vote he would have a much handier win than he does right now.
Caveat: In the poll, more of the registered voters polled were Democrats: 30 percent to Republicans’ 14 percent.

Maybe it is me but the very first line here has some interesting information.  “Of unregistered voters” , this oxymoron is the first flaw in the poll.  Someone who is unregistered is not a voter.  They quite possibly have never voted and don’t care to vote.  Tat is why they are unregistered.  We could debate why all day and the cause is probably a combination of bad feelings about the system, a general apathy of the people and a lack of education and civic responsibility.  Is it tragic?  Most definitely

This big news story is based on a poll that might be a bit skewed, the caveat says it all, 30% Democrat to 14 percent Republican.  It would stand to reason that the poll would come out 2 to 1 in favor of Obama.Llet’s go back to 2008 and look at the folks who sat out that election.  Care to venture a number of American reported to have sat out that election?  80 million people are estimated to not have voted that year.  Incredibly in the 4 years of the Obama presidency 10 million more people feel disenfranchised?  Apparently most of them are people who support Obama as the poll surmises.

Now let’s turn our attention to the root of the story USA Today and some commentary in their post about this poll.  I found this very interesting comment for a group that studies the electorate.

Even in 2008, when turnout was the highest in any presidential election since 1960, almost 80 million eligible citizens didn’t vote. Curtis Gans, director of the non-partisan Center for the Study of the American Electorate, predicts that number will rise significantly this year. He says turnout could ebb to levels similar to 2000, when only 54.2% of those eligible to vote cast a ballot. That was up a bit from 1996, which had the lowest turnout since 1924.

This year, perhaps 90 million Americans who could vote won’t. “The long-term trend tends to be awful,” Gans says. “There’s a lot of lack of trust in our leaders, a lack of positive feelings about political institutions, a lack of quality education for large segments of the public, a lack of civic education, the fragmenting effects of waves of communications technology, the cynicism of the coverage of politics — I could go on with a long litany.”

HUH?  Wait  did he say “a lack of quality education for large segments of the public”.  What happened to all the money the feds pumped into the public education system?  And as I mentioned and he does too, the civics aspect of the whole process.  Why are we not teaching about our government in schools? Many of the points Mr. Gans makes we can consider self-inflicted wounds by our politicians.  Those things should inspire the electorate not suppress it.  I will cite the Tea Party as a movement that wishes to hold government accountable.  I have been to events where folks in the Tea party have met candidates and I can tell you that the questioning is not what you would call softballs.  The folks want people who will stand up for freedom and smaller government.  The support civic education and educating voters.

Maybe 90 million will sit out the election but the reasons they won’t vote are not as clear-cut as USA Today and the media makes it out to be and some of it could be Obama’s policies.

Links to the articles mentioned.

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Time Black America Woke Up

I follow a web site called the Blacksphere on Facebook.  It is a conservative site run by… well the name says it all.  Today they posted this quote from a representative of CORE.  Not just any Rep but the son of the founder.  Here is the post from Facebook.

Below is the link to Niger Innis’ FB wall. To save you a little time here is his own posting on his wall in response to Biden’s comment about Romney and Ryan “They’re going to put y’all back in chains.” For those who may not know who he is, Mr. Innis is the National Spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). His father, Roy Innis, is CORE’s National Director since 1968. Bravo to the son for A SIMPLY SUPERB response.Vice President Biden’s racial demagoguery has hit a new low. With his “They’re going to put y’all back in chains” comment made today at a speech before a majority black audience in Danville, VA, the Vice President of the United States has continued the pattern of mainstream establishment Democrats making a low, gutter appeal to black and brown voters. Trying to scare them to the polls to vote against the Republicans. I call it the Al Sharptonization of the Democratic party. They are doing this because the Obama er

a record unemployment in black and brown communities, the loss of wealth in the black and brown communities has their base in deep depression. They have an abysmal record to run on. Obama, Pelosi and Reid had control of the Federal Government for 2 years. A Federal Government that (domestically) was already firmly under the Democratic control of Pelosi and Reid, who took over Congress in 2007. In 2007 President Bush was still President, but he was a defacto lame duck, that used whatever political leverage he had left to promote the surge in Iraq.So what does the black and brown community have after the 4 years of Pelosi leadership, 6 years of Reid and 4 years of Obama?

Black unemployment currently at 14.1%
Latino unemployment currently at 11%
Black youth unemployment over 30%
Latino unemployment over 35%
23 Million Americans out of the workforce
Blacks 50% of prison population
Latinos 25% of prison population
Over 40% Blacks and Latino High School Dropout Rate

Urban center killing fields of black and brown youth like Obama’s adopted hometown of Chicago — nearly 300 black people murdered just this summer under former Obama chief of staff Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

With the horrific Democratic record, is it really a surprise that the old party of Dixie that used to use the fear of blacks to racially demagogue whites, now racially use the same tactic and scheme on blacks and browns.

Whatever happened to the post-racial Hope and Change Obama? Seems like Bill Clinton was right when he called Obama a fairy-tale?


It is refreshing that black man can see through the bullshit and understand that this President is no friend to any American and particularly the blacks.  I am sure there are many others but this one has a voice and a public forum. This line of the Republicans wanting to kill granny and enslave the black community only bolsters the pockets of the people feeding this drivel to the masses.  Biden is emboldened by his position as the number 2 guy to the first 1/2 black president. What he did was flat-out race baiting pandering.

Time to see the people using you for what they are.  Self-promoting!   Racism is alive and well and the Democrats are getting a pass on theirs.  Wake up!

P.S.  The dunce in the VP position also told the crowd in Danville, Va that Barack and he can not win the election without them.  Well what he really said was they needed North Carolina.  Which is one state south of where Biden was.  I can’t wait for the VP debates.

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