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Worst Case Scenario

In this era you should expect a camera or two at any event.  But I have listened to what Romney said about the 47% and I have to tell you the media (lets just call them the left) has it dead wrong.  That sadly is to be expected as they sleep with President Obama more  than Monica Lewinsky shared a cigar with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office.

Romney in his discussion with potential donors was laying out a political strategy and what he said from my take was that in terms of votes you have to forget the 47% and write them off as Obama votes.  I don’t know about you folks but I call this a worst case scenario.  It appears to me that Mitt understood the potential to lose at least 47% of the vote based solely on Obama’s charisma and ability to lie to the masses about what he is doing.  So politically you write off those 47% and focus on the rest of the country.  Polls show this to be a close race and Romney is not stupid, he knows he needs to move that middle ground.

What he was laying out was a political strategy on winning an election.  Not an indictment of that 47%.  Many of whom are unwitting victims of the policies of Barack Obama.  Food Stamp payments are up, and while unemployment dropped it is mostly due to people giving up looking for jobs.  Apathy now rules the land and any candidate who does not acknowledge that is doomed.

The left will spin these comments the best they can because they can’t really tell you the truth about the record of Barack Obama, but the numbers don’t lie.  Highest Gas prices Ever!  Including a rise in price after labor day, which has historically never happened. Unemployment above 8 percent for the longest time in modern history.  The nationalization of a car company and the sale of another to a foreign entity.  And government control of both the healthcare and credit system.
Romney has a lot to talk about but who can he talk to?  He stated the worst case scenario hoping for the best.  How about you?  My worst case scenario is 4 more years of Barack Obama with a Senate controlled by Harry Reid.  Even if Romney gets elected without the Senate nothing will get done.  SO forget the chatter from the left.  Think about this.

Take back the country!  Ignore the distractions!



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Biden Bull

Last week the walking gaffe machine Joe Biden stood before the International Association of Firefighters and spoke of Jobs and community.  Here is how the Politico phrased Joe’s speech.

“I just tell you, it’s nice speaking to an audience where — with not only whom you agree, but with whom you feel totally comfortable, with a whole lot of folks out there I grew up with,” Biden began.

In a sober speech to first responders — still in the shadow of last week’s massacre in Colorado — Biden told the audience of 3,200 that Republicans have a “different value set” when it comes to public employees and other working people.

“They look at your ranks and they see an easy place to cut budgets to accommodate their priorities — not just you but cops, public workers generally,” Biden said. “They just have a fundamentally different view. They just have a different value set than we do. They act like you’re the community’s problem — as if you’re not part of the community.”

Biden said the Republicans have a different value set when it comes to public employees!  Different from who many of the Philadelphia Firefighters I know asked. Biden said it was nice to talk to a group that he agrees with.  He must not have actually talked to any of the men and women who work in Philadelphia. Well you read what they wrote now it is my turn.
Just how out of reality is the Washington team with what is really happening in Philadelphia?  Biden spoke during his speech about the two firefighters killed earlier this year and chose to use those two good men to politicize the issue of Fire Department funding.  Obviously nobody clued Joe in on the real situation in Philadelphia.  Many recent Democrat Mayors have taken a pound of flesh out of the Police and Firefighters Unions.  Ed Rendell the ex-Governor of Pennsylvania and his hatchet man David Cohen (Now at Comcast Hmm…) took a pound of flesh from these two unions that were unable to strike.  Mayor Street was so insensitive he had a paramedic who was ill camped on his office doorstep for weeks and did not even acknowledge her.  The along comes Mike Nutter.  Mr smooth  he calls out Street when he wanted to close firehouses and said it was foolish.  Well he must be a fool because he closed multiple stations and has a “brown-out policy in which various firehouses in the city are deactivated for a shift.  The equipment is there just not enough firefighters to respond to an emergency.  The city will deny but people have died because of this policy.
These cuts and dangerous brownouts have been instituted by a Democrat Mayor in a pro-labor city yet the International up until last Thursday remained silent about all of this.  Why?  Because International President Harold Schaitberger has become nothing more than a tool of the Democrats and he wants his bed feathered with the money he is making.
Here is a little Economics 101 for you.  More jobs means more tax revenue.  Higher taxes means a shifting tax base (Like leaving the city or state for a place with lower taxes) Higher tax revenue means better conditions to keep up an effective public sector employment system.  A true unemployment rate of 14% for over 3 years does not bode well for any government. Yet that is exactly what the federal government has allowed to happen.
President Obama and his Jobs Committee have not met in over six months.  It seems the commander-in-chief is too busy campaigning to worry about how to produce more jobs. Which I think might be a good thing because the last time he tried to stimulate the economy the unemployment rate jumped to over 10%  and it is still not below 8.
For these reasons I am a Retired Philadelphia Firefighter for Romney 2012.  If your on Facebook check out the group.  But I would recommend  that if you have an opposing viewpoint you might not want to join the group.  Firefighters are known for saying what they think.  Here is a link to the page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/207360286058821/
Join the Fight!

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Romney applauded by the NAACP?

Did you hear Romney got booed by the NAACP? I am sure you did, it has been all over the news.  They report that Romney attacked Obamacare and the crowd booed him.  This is big news to the media.  For the record Romney was talking about wasteful spending and threw the Obamacare mention in there. But what they won’t say, because it does not fit the narrative that Romney is bad and Obama is the Savior, is that there was a little bit of applause for Romney that night.  Here is a list complied by the Reverend Wayne Perryman.  Just a short one.  Nothing to discuss or let the newspaper or TV watching audience know.

Times When  They Applauded                     His Comment
1:56                                                          He would represent every race
2:58                                                          He will help the middle class
3:58                                                          He complimented the NAACP
6:39                                                          You are entitled to an answer
7:27                                                          A quote from Frederick Douglass
8:27                                                          Blacks have waited long enough
9:53                                                          He supports strong families & traditional marriages 
11:15                                                        He will help the middle class
11:58                                                        Bring Jobs back to the United States
12:24                                                        He will clamp down on cheaters like China who steal our jobs
12:52                                                        He will stop spending
13:02 -13:18                                             He was booed regarding overturning Obama Care
14:22                                                        He would protect social Security and Medicare with higher benefits for those with lower income and lower for higher income
14:51                                                        He refers to minimum wage jobs and the need for skilled workers
15:52                                                        Wages will rise again
16:28                                                        His goal as President it to create jobs for American people
16:39                                                      If you want a president to make things better for the African-American Community, you’re looking at him
18:12                                                        The 4 year Scholarships program that he created while governor
19:58                                                        He joined with the Black Legislative Caucus in Mass to promote Charter Schools
20:36                                                        He won’t let special interest groups stand in the way of education reform
21:03                                                        Money for education will be linked to the student for true choice
21:49                                                        The hospitality that they (NAACP) will be returned and he will seek their counsel
22:12                                                        If they invite him back next year as President he will say “Yes”
22:57                                                        He talks about his father as a man that he admired for equality and justice
23:14                                                        His father was a man of faith that knew that everyone was God’s children
24:01                                                        He said God’s Mercy endureth forever
24:55                                                        NAACP and their past victories and their victories in the future
25:15                                                       Ended his speech
They Applauded Total of 27 times in 25 Minutes
One boo and 25 rounds of applause.  Seems like they like his speech.   So one needs to ask how did Obama fair while he was talking to the NAACP?  Well with black unemployment at 14 percent higher than any other group you have to figure it did not go well for the incumbent.  You would be wrong.  Obama did not speak to the NAACP.  Wouldn’t get near them.  He sent Joe Biden to talk to the people he swears he loves and represents.  But he does not have time to publicly talk to them.
Well you can imagine the crowd that showed up to listen to Joe Biden speak about the black issue in America.  A reporter tweeter about the crowd in this TWEET!  The tweet included a picture, please view it. AH what the heck let me put it here too.  The picture was taken by Rodney Hawkins.
Impressive huh?  The media is spinning stuff in ways some can’t imagine or fathom.  Pass this on.  The lies are thick in the Main Stream Media.
BTW  Rev Perryman and Rodney Hawkins, both black.  So much for all blacks being FOR Obama.  Many are seeing him for what he really is.

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Florida Exit Polls

While watching news reports on the Florida Primary and seeing Newt Gingrich get his hat handed to him early one piece of information jumped out at me.  Fox News reported that 66% of the people polled during exiting said they supported the Tea Party.  Let that soak in.   This is a state that is voting for what many say would be the last guy the tea party would support, yet they believe that the tea party is a good thing and believe in the mission.

So what did Floridians do?  They voted for the guy who currently is getting the highest polling vs Obama.  No other Republican is achieving these numbers.  So for Floridians it seems that it comes down to electability. Fox also reported that the people that claimed tea party affiliation split their vote fairly evenly for both Romney and Gingrich. What would you expect when the front-runners are a man of dubious conservative bone fides and a man who has at time made enemies deep within his own party.

They also said the economy was the most important issue right now.  So the votes for Romney would seem to be an acknowledgement of his business skills.

But let’s get back to the Tea Party.  There has been some debate about the lack of presence in this primary season.  But I will say that it is the “accountability” issue that is the strong suit for the tea party.  The opposition of the Tea party is not any one conservative or even moderate candidate for that matter.  The opponent of the tea party are the statist sand socialistic left.  The strong emotion of the 2010 elections is still alive and well but spread out over the field. The activism will certainly swell once the field is better defined and you can bet that any Senator, Representative or President who voted to spend like a drunken sailor and force Americans to buy health insurance will know that the tea party is not dead but merely waiting for a solid target to defeat.

The people of Florida just said the tea party is relevant and come November the Democrats who towed the party line will know the tea party is here to stay.

See you in November.


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Herman Cain steps into the light.

Not wanting to play into the he said/ she said antics going on between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, Herman Cain stayed in Florida and snuck in a nice little straw poll victory. Perry’s meteoric rise was eclipsed, at least in Florida, by the slow and steady drum beat of Herman Cain’s campaign.

Michele Bachmann who started he campaign strong has done a slow fade and she was one of the people who decided that Perry getting into the ring was a bad thing.  She and Romney attacked him willingly.  Perry was no saint either during the debates and tried to put the Romney record on trial in the Florida debate.  This was not a shining moment for his campaign.  Stammering through what should have been a practiced  slam made Perry look unprepared.  And that would be the last impression Perry would leave on the Florida GOP.  He chased Romney up to Michigan.  This is the third stupid thing the Perry forces let happen.   Mitt’s dad was the Governor of Michigan and a very popular one at that.

So with Perry running after Romney who left Florida right after the debate, to go to Michigan, to win that straw poll and Bachmann grasping at the Tea party by trying to beat Perry into the ground, Herman Cain very quietly stayed in Florida and spoke to the Florida GOP.  He laid out his vision for America.  He also beat the snot out of everybody in the straw poll.  Here are the results

Herman Cain, 37.1%
Rick Perry, 15.4%
Mitt Romney, 14.0%
Rick Santorum, 10.9%
Ron Paul, 10.4%
Newt Gingrich, 8.4%
Jon Huntsman, 2.3%
Michele Bachmann, 1.5%

So with this poll in mind we need to take a good look at Herman and see what his vision is for the country.  Here is the beginning of his oft mentioned 999 plan.

Vision for Economic Growth

  • The natural state of our economy is prosperity. Freedom ensures that.
  • We must get the government off our backs, out of our pockets and out of our way in order to return to prosperity.
  • Policy uncertainty is killing the economy.

Economic Guiding Principles

  1. Production drives the economy, not spending.
    • We can not spend our way to prosperity.
    • Government spending IS taxation.
    • Government spending is like taking a bucket of water from the deep end of the pool, pouring it in the shallow end. Then they HOPE that the water level will CHANGE.
  2. Risk taking drives growth .
    • Business formation and job creation are dependent on entrepreneurs taking risks.
    • Investors who fund those entrepreneurs likewise take risks.
  3. Measurements must be dependable.
    • A dollar must always be a dollar just as an hour is always 60 minutes.
    • Sound money is crucial for prosperity.
I love the pool analogy.  That is dead on.  Here is a link to his plan you should read it.


I am not ready to come out and endorse anyone here  I am merely pointing out that while we were watching the fireworks from the supposed frontrunners, Herman Cain was eating away at all of their bases, at least in Florida.   I will say this much.  I looks like we can stick a fork in Huntsman and Bachmann.  Florida is a big tea party state and Michelle only getting 1.5% of the ballots is not a good sign for her.  The story goes she is well invested in Iowa. If this keeps up that may not help.

As for Herman Cain he will just keep talkig about the economy.  After all that is the issue, Right?



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